Katharsis is a France-based production company, founded in 2010; we design, produce and direct films, music video and visual events for the world of television and film, communication and event. Katharsis evolves and works through two separate entities; Katharsis Films is our film dedicated department when Katharsis Live covers the large-scale event dimension.

Evolving in the fields of cinema and audiovisual as producer through our films department, Katharsis Films and on large-scale events as artistic producer through our event department, Katharsis Live, we continue to enrich our process of mixing the different aspects of both worlds, yet never mixing them. We are now convinced that, since few years now, this alternation was a benefit for both departments and comforts us in the idea of carrying on, always in the spirit of perfection by bringing a particular look on the selection of projects.
The will of Katharsis Films since its creation is not simply to make films, but to create bonds between the creative teams of these films, meet new writers, directors, actors, technicians from different backgrounds, to meet around the same idea, to unite around a common project, to work harder for the sole purpose of making our best possible work. We firmly believe that it is this work, upstream of any phase of production, which is able to define the singularity of a project.
Promoting quality over quantity since our creation, we choose to work on a few projects at the same time, to better support, implement them. Katharsis Films is an independent production company, in the ethical way; we are present at all stages of production because we do not believe it is possible to work correctly if the sincerity is not there.
Thus, we continue to meet new creators, designers, dreamers, and if we find a common point, a script, an idea, a concept, then we support each other and work on a single goal, which is that the film is successful, that the story conveys our viewers and that our desire to share our vision, our dreams, is always bigger.